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Please read our purchasing & visitation policies and then scroll down to see who is available. 


   NEW UPDATES AS OF: 12/19/14






We accept personal checks as a form of deposit ONLY. We no longer accept checks on the day of pick-up. ONLY CASH IS ACCEPTED ON THE DAY OF PICK UP. If you are using a personal check as a form of deposit, you must allow 10 days prior to pick-up of your pup/dog. We also accept: cash, money orders, or credit cards through email/paypal (must add 4% if using paypal and also must allow 3 business days prior to picking up your pup/dog).


Most of Dutch Acres litters are spoken for before they are 7 weeks old. Lab pups don't start showing personality till they are around 6 weeks old, so genrealy  we schedule you, (in order of your "pick") to come pick out and up your new pup the 1st Saturday after they are 7 weeks old. We will not hold a puppy unless it has a $200 deposit placed on it.

After the pups receive their first vaccinations, the buyer(s) are contacted to set up a day and time to come and "pick out" their pup. If the buyer is unable to make a pick in person, we can certainly send photos and allow the buyer make their choice via email photos. If the buyer cannot make their choice within the specified amount of time the seller allows, the buyer will then forfeit that position of pick to the next buyer.

Dutch Acres reserves the right on EVERY litter to have 1st pick on ALL pups.

Pups must be at least 7 weeks old before leaving their nursery at Dutch Acres **no acceptions**.  If you are having a puppy shipped, the FAA requires that all pups be at least 8 weeks old to fly.


The only way pups receive immunity to diseases and bacteria is through mother's milk. Pups can easily contract diseases and infections prior to vaccinations. Therefore, for the safety and health of our pups, we do not let anyone come to see pups until the pups have had their first vaccinations. NO ACCEPTIONS. Also, for the health and safety of our pets and yours, wo DO NOT ALLOW anyone to bring their pets to "visit" or meet a potential new "family member" . At 5 weeks old, pups get their first vaccinations. After pups reach 7 weeks old, they should be ready for their new homes for those that are picking up in person. All pups that are scheduled to fly somewhere are required to be at least 8 weeks old. We reserve the right to hold a puppy longer than the age of 7 weeks old if we feel the puppy needs more time with littermates. If an entire litter is spoken for before the pups have reached 6 weeks of age, we wait until they are 7 weeks of age and let new puppy owners come and make their selections and take their pups home at that time.

We DO NOT allow visitors to bring their pets to Dutch Acres to reduce the possibility of disease, infection, viruses and parasites.


UPDATED AS OF: 12/19/14

Be sure to take a look at the Upcoming page to see who is expecting.  Periodically, we do have some adults that are available for new homes.            

 Evil  and Red Bull:  English Reds Born Dec 11th
1st pick Male: SOLD Mike C

1st pick Female: SOLD Gwen 
2nd pick Female: SOLD Toby  
3rd pick Female: Available $1500  
4th pick Female: Available $1500
5ht pick Female: Available $1500
Evils pups are below, the boy is on the right

Liberty and Beastie: English Reds and Blacks Born Dec 5th
1st pick Black Male: SOLD Kirk and Therese ng
2nd pick Black Male: Available $1000
3rd pick Black Male: Available 
1st pick Red Male: SOLD John K 
2nd pick Red Male: Available $1300
1st pick Red Female: SOLD Tony & Ashley
2nd pick Red Female: SOLD Rich& Leslie
3rd pick Red Female: Available $1500

Liberty's black boys are above and her Reds are below(2 boys on the right)

Hattie and Red Bull: English Yellows Born Dec 6th
1st pick Male: SOLD Josh&Kara G
2nd pick Male: Available $1000
3rd pick Male: Available $1000
4th pick Male: Available $1000 

1st pick Female: SOLD Donald M 
2nd pick Female:SOLD Sue A
3rd pick Female: Available $1000

Hatties boys are above and girls are below

Angle and Beastie: English Yellows Born Nov 25th
1st pick Male: SOLD Pam & Tim
2nd pick Male: SOLD Tina & Neil
3rd pick Male: Available $1000
4th pick Male: Available $1000
5th pick Male: Available $1000
1st pick Female:SOLD Sherrie B
2nd pick Female: SOLD Anne & TJ\

Angels girls are above and boys are below

Brownie and Cruiser: 1/2 English 1/2 American Chocolates Born Nov 6th
1st pick Male: SOLD Danica 
2nd pick Male: SOLD G&K B 
3rd pick Male: SOLD Jon&Jess
1st pick Female: Dutch Acres
2nd pick Female: SOLD Grant R
3rd pick Female:SOLD Scott&Janeen  
4th pick Female: Available $1000 
5th pick Female: Available $1000 
6th pick Female: Available $1000

Brownies boys are above and girls are below

Peanut and Mounds: 3/4 English Chocolates Born Nov 6th
1st pick Male: SOLD Kamie C 
2nd pick Male: SOLD Becky S Emma 
1st pick Female: SOLD Jordan J 
2nd pick Female: SOLD Barb T 
3rd pick Female: SOLD Maria G 
4th pick Female: Available $1000

Peanuts girls are below

Peanuts boys are below